Thursday, February 5, 2009


On Jan 20th (coinsidently the day of theObama's enoguration) Goldsboro got so much snow!! The most snow it's had in 20 years I heard. Needless to say, this was Addison and I's first REAL SNOW!!! It was absolutely amazing! Dave wasn't as thrilled about it as Addi and I were but it was fun!! My friend Melissa (she's from New York, and also wasn't very please about the snow) was thankfully very helpfull with me. Showing me how to drive in the snow and on black ice. That was scary!!! She also taught me how to make a snow man.. Addison named him Happy. I'm assuming after the penguin on "Happy Feet" the movie. And we actually used rocks for his eyes, a carot for his nose, and a twizzler for the mouth hahaha Then we decided to make Snow Angels Addison wasn't quite sure why we were laying in the snow but she tried it too and didn't like it! She liked eating the snow more than anything. It was extremely funny though, for some reason, as she would walk around, snow would get pressed tightly to the bottom of her boots. Eventually building up a platform of snow under each foot. It was very funny!! It started snowing again yesterday, but it all pretty much melted before lunch time. Too bad! Who knew being desert rats, we'd actually LIKE being in the cold!!!

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