Monday, July 26, 2010

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This was from Addison.... She said she was trying to write to lol

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February, oh February.....

Where to start this one... These past few days/weeks have been very interesting. The weather is still hit or miss. Some days COLD some days almost HOT. Kinda makes me wonder what it's going to be like in the summer... However, I think I might have an idea, and I"m not so sure I"ll like it! HAHA! I decided I'd blow dry my hair after getting out of a hot shower the other night. Let me tell you how that was NOT a good idea. In Arizona, it'd be no problem, a little warm, but, not a problem. I normally straighten my hair so most people can't tell i have some strange cow licks and a little bit of wave. However, blowdrying your hair when it's hot and sticky and HUMID is pretty much pointless. Needless to say I ended up with a lions mane by the end of it. Thank God for straightners, once again!

Now that my silly story is done, I'll go with this. Valentine's Day was really good. As good as it could be. Dave is amazing. He woke me up to breakfast in bed, a loud singing balloon belting out 'I GOT YOU BABE' (gotta love Sonny and Cher!) a beautiful card, and a dozen of gorgeous red roses. This year we discovered that being married and sharing a bank account it's a lot harder to suprize your partner. haha but we managed and it was fun. Addison got some great stuff too!

Also on Friday, I got to see my good friend Kim who I haven't seen in about 3 years. She married a guy in the Army, and he was stationed in Ft. Bragg, NC. That's only about an hr from here. She now has a 3month old beautiful little girl Kayden. It was awesome getting to see her again. We're going to have to get together more often!

On a not so lite note, I've been having some dizziness as well as double vision, and strange headaches. So Dave and I went to the dr. He immidiately ordered an MRI of my brain to make sure I don't have any tumors or masses that could be causing my double vision. Coinsidently, it was set for Friday the 13th. So it made for an interesting weekend. And of course it was the friday before a long weekend. and I had to wait until today (tuesday) to get any results back. It's somewhat bittersweet for us. The test came out negative so on some levels thats really good. However, that means that they still don't know what is causing my problems. So I have to endure more testing. Which really is not fun. It makes me feel like a medical guinea pig. I've had this problem before. Right before Dave joined the AF in 2007 he was there with me through a lot of the testing, but it eventually went away. Although it's back again, I'm thankful I have him here helping me through this. It's frustrating Although it's not something life threatening (that we know of haha) it'st just irritating. Feeling like I can't function normally. I'm not comfortable driving, and I dont' feel like myself. All I want to do is sleep. Oh well though. Ill survive! Thankfully I'm able to be home with Addison now instead of having to deal with this and work full time again.

Now for more good stuff. Addison's birthday is coming up on March 1st. She'll be 2yrs old!! I can't believe it!! She's growing and learning so much every day!!! It's so hard to believe! We decided that we were tired of looking for her Binky and it was time to wein her off of it. So we did. It was somewhat spur of the moment, but we'd been contemplating when to do it and now seemed right. So it's been about 5 days now that she's been without it. And due to my frustrations with her to actually fall asleep for her naps, I decided to make her sleep in her own bed. And we have one of those cribs that is convertible. So yesterday I made it into a daybed for her so she can get in and out of it herself now. Yesterdays nap didn't go so well.. or at all.. But she slept all night in it, and didn't fall out! (or wake up!) Then today she had an almost 2 hr nap. So YAY for progress!!! She is also finally remembering most of her alphabet. With some help for a lot of it, but hey, she's not even 2 and can recite the whole thing with help. So I'm not complaining! And she can count to 13! (on a good day, 14) And yesterday we started learning the Itsy Bitsy Spider song. She loves it!

Addison at 1month in her Easter Dress

My brother will be here in 2 days!!! I'm so excited for that! I miss him so much!!!! So I'll hopefully have an update after that.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


On Jan 20th (coinsidently the day of theObama's enoguration) Goldsboro got so much snow!! The most snow it's had in 20 years I heard. Needless to say, this was Addison and I's first REAL SNOW!!! It was absolutely amazing! Dave wasn't as thrilled about it as Addi and I were but it was fun!! My friend Melissa (she's from New York, and also wasn't very please about the snow) was thankfully very helpfull with me. Showing me how to drive in the snow and on black ice. That was scary!!! She also taught me how to make a snow man.. Addison named him Happy. I'm assuming after the penguin on "Happy Feet" the movie. And we actually used rocks for his eyes, a carot for his nose, and a twizzler for the mouth hahaha Then we decided to make Snow Angels Addison wasn't quite sure why we were laying in the snow but she tried it too and didn't like it! She liked eating the snow more than anything. It was extremely funny though, for some reason, as she would walk around, snow would get pressed tightly to the bottom of her boots. Eventually building up a platform of snow under each foot. It was very funny!! It started snowing again yesterday, but it all pretty much melted before lunch time. Too bad! Who knew being desert rats, we'd actually LIKE being in the cold!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Post..

I guess a quick update would be good right about now... The last year has held A LOT of life Changes for the 3 of us. Addison will be 2 this year, Dave and I got married in August 2008, and we moved out here to Seymour-Johnson, Air Force Base in Goldsboro, NC. Dave's been in NC since May. Addison and I have been here since Sept. since this is my first blog, bear with me while I get the hang of it.